About Me:

I grew up moving back and forth between Canada and England, and often had huge opportunities for independence, from trying to befriend all the animals (and being chased by cows) in the meadows around Cambridge, to roaming the woods in the 400 acres surrounding Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex. I find that the art I create is often influenced by memories of a life lived very much within those green and natural worlds. 

This endless space was something I celebrated in my early years, though later on the idea of endless space felt claustrophobic without people to fill it. At 15, I had the chance to create an entirely self-made life when I travelled without attending school. This was when the small introvert I used to be came to understand the importance of connection between people.

Through my struggles with mental illness, I experienced life as an in-patient in a psych ward three times before the age of 18. Speaking my mind felt impossible, and I struggled to find any words at all for a time. In the following years, I found myself basing my life on attachments to the very same things that had once seemed entirely confusing. My love for communication grew from a fear of it.

In these years of growth, I studied art in London and New York before feeling drawn back to the anchors I felt with friends in Kingston. I chose to return there for a life that celebrated connection. As I found my old ideas about communication completely reforming, I noticed my confidence gradually returning, even stronger than before. I spent two years in Kingston, establishing community and taking every opportunity to learn about the fuel that theatre and art can provide to our hearts.

I consider people, our stories, our words and our emotions to be the most important things to care about and celebrate, and I am very grateful I get to lead a life that reflects this love through theatre and art. I am now a Toronto-based artist, and I feel extremely grateful that I can lead a life that reflects all of the passions that motivate me to live and work hard.

I hope I have a chance to connect with you soon to hear about what makes you excited to create. Feel free to say hi through the box to the left, email, or Instagram.