I used to struggle a lot to find any words. A large part of progress has come during times when, instead of becoming bogged down by negativity, if I'm feeling incapable, unable, or not ready, I remember I can work to change that negative “not” into a note. For more about this, click here.


My path to understand how to find and use words brought about many words itself. I've realized that a large amount of that writing is connected to themes of communication. Non-Verbal Learning disability is often misunderstood to be about a non-verbal struggle. I feel it is important to explain here, that the disability actually indicates something of the opposite. I was someone who happened to experience both non-verbal struggles, and Non-Verbal Learning Disability. Though the two issues are quite separate in definition. Their connection comes from difficulties surrounding communication. I believe that this link also explains my unique view on mental health, as I've come to learn that emotional health requires the ability to connect. We find ways to do this however we can. This links in the Arts, which I also see as a crucial form of communication.

The Fear of Not-Doing

August 20, 2019

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Visual and performance-based art are communication forms that I've often heavily relied upon. When finding my own words seems too challenging, alternative expression has been incredibly important. On this page, however– I've posted some of my words on visual and emotionally-based art.

Mental Health

The unique ways that mental health effects us all, make it stand out as a topic. It's universal, everlasting, and impossible to grasp complete control over. I believe that makes it as wonderful as it is terrifying, and a topic that is worthy of constant dialogue.

Non-Verbal Learning Disability

As a social ambassador for the NVLD Project, I hope to explore some of the ways that life can be different for those who have it. I'm still only learning the facts of this disability myself. This means that what I share about it comes from what I have known, rather than what is known. So, please keep in mind that these views do not necessarily represent the experience of all who have NVLD.

NVLD presents itself in an extremely wide range of factors, and indicates many different things to each diagnosed individual. I've never met anyone else with this disability, so if you have personal insight, I'd love to hear your thoughts and connect with you. Feel free to say hi through this page ☺️

Communication & Connection

In this section, there are personal posts, some opinion posts, and quite a few that are words about words :) But, in general, these ones are about the human type things that we all encounter in our own ways.

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