'Oh, What a Lovely War'

Thanks to the "Oh What a Lovely War" team. What a lovely battle to be a part of. I am so incredibly proud to have bumbled my way onto the stage as “The Ugliest Man in the British Army”🧐 (and I am truly thrilled that I now have the option to add that title, word for word, into my resume😆) This show packed a lot of punches, a lot of heart, and a lot of accents. And...that’s a lot to pack!!! Though, thanks to the lovely team it always felt possible to... “🎶pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile smiiiiile🎶”. Thanks OWALW team, for the gifts of confidence and thanks for the many reminders that strength of heart and care keep us pressing "play again" towards the choice of living vibrantly and as a team. 📷Scott Gorman Directed by Autumnd Smith Lighting: Ella Wieckowski Projections: Alexandra Caprara Costumes: Yasaman Nouri

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