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An open opening

In terms of stability and confidence, I’m probably the last person who should share their words. But I’ve been working really hard at doing what scares me, and that includes being a bit louder. In the past year, I’ve had to think about what was missing in my life. And I think, partly, that was words. Words, and people.

I was born "Ready", but I find that these days, I very seldom feel that I am. Whenever I'm not feeling ready, (or not quite feeling like myself 🙂), I've found that instead of becoming bogged down by negativity, it helps to turn the "not" into a note. I wouldn’t have believed that sharing some of them openly was a good idea, but after sitting, unable to speak with countless councillors, through wordless hospitalizations, and in the space of far too many silences, I’m starting to get that using your voice is a challenge that's worth trying. After all, being quiet isn’t nearly as fun as being loud 🙂

The unique ways that mental health effects us all, make it stand out as a topic. It's universal, everlasting, and impossible to grasp complete control over. That makes it equally wonderful and terrifying. If you're someone who's struggling, know that being open can really help to ease the feeling of being trapped. It's hard to know if there's a right time or right way to open up. It's taken me a year and a half and I know I'm still not as ready as I’ll ever be. But I also know I’m probably as nervous as I’ll always be- and that’s okay, so I’m going to get used to saying that without hesitation.

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