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Security at pride/ security from pride

Yay for these lil dog dudes showing off all their bright colours today ❤️💛💙💜

You shouldn’t need bravery in order to celebrate love, but before nyc’s pride parade started today, it was police, ambulances and firetrucks that filled 5th ave. It was a grounding reminder of the foundations below the partying part of Pride. It’s horrendous to think that Pride had to emerge due to the fears and threat that brought the need for more security than I’d ever seen... BUT, a much deeper sense of the word “security" showed itself when I came back to 5th Ave a few hours later. The parade had completely covered traces of emergency backup and instead, fear, and the fear of being silenced, were fought by being loud, proud and bright. It took many voices to create a place where love could exist loudly. Each of those voices is so important to helping create a world where you don’t need courage in order to be proud of yourself, and your love. Hope everyone's enjoying a HAPPY PRIDE 🌈😌✌🏻

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