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Seeing what's between the places when you're in-between places

"🎶38, 38, 38 plaaaces... holllyyy shit" - (mostly from) Come From Away

This was the result of trying to make a visual list of the places I've lived in the last 2 yrs. It's a whole bunch of scribble-y buildings, but it's also reminded me that inside and in between each of them has been a process that's taught me asking for help can bring wonderful and unexpected results. It's also shown me just how amazing and important our presence can be in each other's lives. Inside and in between each place, exists people. THANK YOU kind humans, for making me feel at home during transitions - without you, this would've been a very different 2yrs. Since I love nothing more than having roots & community, YOU BET I'm excited to see what it's like to sit still for a few seconds!! Hellooo there, Queen's fam 👋🏻⚓️

& since new york exists in a world of its own, it got a whole separate lil doodle to itself

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