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"Clueless in new york...”

“It’s only writing. It’s only drawing, and remembering something, that’s all. Caption...caption– clueless in new york...”

With that, Fun Home explains my summer nyc life surprisingly well. After nearly 6 months, I was back for the first time. This visit showed me that in a single moment, it’s possible to be both overwhelmed by the unexpected ways a place that you once knew has changed, but also be terrified that certain things still haven’t changed at all. No matter how many places I move around to, a set of very stubborn problems linger along with me. But yay for optimism, i’ll also say that one of the biggest nyc changes i saw was that all the scaffolding was gone around my old neighbourhood. Apparently while I wasn’t looking, construction progressed along to the next stage 🙃👍🏻 #NewerYork

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