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a whole new form of communication

On #letstalk day, I’m thinking about how we check in with, and care for each other. Having friends who’ve been patient with my endless mistakes has changed absolutely everything for me, and there aren’t enough days or ways to appreciate them.

When we’re told to talk and reach out, we don’t often hear about just how messy this process is for everyone involved. Mental illness can make everyday tasks seem impossible, and this includes reaching out. The messy nature of asking for help can make talk surrounding mental illness seem like a whole new form of communication.

When friends are open to listening, they do something incredible by allowing confusing, and often scary truths to be heard. Since all of us need mental health support sometimes, we also all have the opportunity to help change our friend’s lives through our responses to their tough times. After going through the process from both sides, I’d say one of the most important reminders, is that there’s no right answer when it comes to properly helping. If a friend asks for support, they’re not expecting you to fix things. Please don’t let the fear of not knowing the perfect thing to say, scare you away. It wasn’t until I typed that, that I realized that’s also the same thing I say to anyone looking for help too– so, whether you’re looking for, or giving some help, there’s no single, correct way to approach talking things through. A large part of this process has to do with lots of patience and lots of time, and in my experience that’s time spent with others. Often, seeing that someone cares enough to just spend time with you is enough to change everything. Thank you to everyone who listens and sticks around during messy times to show your friends that you support them. It isn’t easy, but for those you’re creating space for, it changes the world. 👫👭👭👫👍🏻

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