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Loud about loneliness

hey, did ya hear? A good thing happened!!! This week, the first ever “Minister Of Loneliness” was appointed in England. As an initial reaction to that title, this maybe sounds disheartening, and that’s a valid response since it’s true that this position has come from a place of desperate need. Levels of disconnect have reached such scary extents that the essence of loneliness can bring extremely dangerous effects (if you have a sec, honestly google this up, it’s truly staggering and I truly think it’s VERY worth knowing👍🏻🗞). The concept of loneliness is often approached with optimism, which I love– being able to learn from yourself, by yourself is crucial to being human. But, there is a strand of loneliness that seems altogether different than anything the common connotation of the word can hope to communicate. It’s a terrifying and truly dire issue. The fact that loneliness is now being addressed on this scale is one of the most progressive and encouraging political signs I’ve seen in a while. I find it really exciting that such a deeply vulnerable experience can now be addressed and considered as a factual and encouraged discussion topic, as opposed to something that can seem embarrassing. Encouraging this conversation seems like the ultimate weapon against isolation on a global scale. Another encouraging thing is, of course, that we can all do SO many things to battle this problem in our choices of every moment of every day, and in every interaction (and extra interactions). Winter can feel really hard for a lot of friends, hugs to all and please reach on out there when you need it 💗😎🦄🦖🧣✨

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