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Re-sharing and re-learning

Today I learned that the NVLD project has re-shared the words that I wrote for them last year . I was able to read comments from readers (a parent trying to understand, a teen newly diagnosed, and young adults who’ve seen the same world that I have) and though I’ve never met these humans, their words gave me encouragement, connection and a whole bunch of emotions that I really vitally needed to help me get through this week.

​After 3 posts in row that scare me, I considered waiting a bit before sharing these words again– maybe posting more normal things 🙂. But then again, what could be more normal than trying to put words to how we individually experience the world?

When I shared these words a year ago, I was posting to a much smaller group. Even then it was incredibly scary, because it includes some of my most difficult truths. Though, because of who the audience was, I felt safe amidst the chaos of my experience. I’m really glad to have expanded my comfort level for sharing, thank you for being a part of that.

I am realizing that I am INCREDIBLY fortunate to live in a time and place where struggles of this nature are accepted. To extend that, I am beyond incredibly fortunate to live within a community where the unique differences that we all have, are not only accepted, but encouraged as discussions that bring us closer together. ✨💕

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