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Feeling all, right now

Last night I was feeling so tired of gloomy grey weather, though still couldn’t sleep at all...SO instead, to try and find some sun, I pulled out the most Spring-y fabric I had and made this romper!! TODAY, SUNSHINE FOUND ME!! THIS IS BUDDY AND I LOVE HIM and in the second picture I’m holding hands with buddy’s dad AND I LOVE HIM TOO!!! Hope that everyone is finding rays of sunshine, and ways to feel warm today and every day. (Thanks for taking these photos of my favourite moment ever Carly and Emma💐💕)

There are some moments that really just manage to shine. Any odd combination of people, timing, weather, words affect so much of our outlook on our exact position in the present. I know that I'm someone who finds it extremely difficult to be in the moment that is happening without bringing in extrapolations based on what's already happened, or what might come next. Sometimes when things click for a moment, it's impossible for me to be anywhere else. I love the third picture because I know it's the exact second where I was feeling so much love that all capacity to think other, more draining thoughts, was already filled. That was an instance where overwhelm was positive and sensory overload was able to remind me things were just right, in the right now.

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