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“goodly creatures”

To continue that reflection on a reflection from my post from earlier today, I realized the series of significant May 18ths carried on this year as well. Thanks to my good friend theatre, I spent Friday evening as Miranda. So, all within two hours, I found myself stranded on an island, living a solitary life with no one to talk to, confronting feelings of fear and lack of agency, then talking with humans for the first time, and learning to care and love “goodly creatures”, as well as the progressive power of forgiveness. So. Shakespeare isn’t relevant at all and there’s absolutely definitely no themes in The Tempest that I think are still relevant today… 😌 There will always be times that feel impossibly stormy, but thank you good humans, you are important. 💗🌅🌎 "How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world / That has such people in't!"

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