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out into the open

Today, I wore my newly re-made version of the “step into the sun” t-shirt for the first time and felt the sunshine found me in so many ways! It seemed like good luck (and this good duck🦆) was everywhere today! Feeling free to get out into the open, wave through the window and let people see what you might consider are the good and bad parts of who you are is the BEST and also sometimes the hardest. I mean, as I sat on my new favourite floating log-canoe perch that I found, I was feelin all content and confident. But then a huge wave came and swamped everything. For a moment, there was absolutely a lil bit of sinking. Though, I took a breath and because I had to do some extra waiting as the sun dried things out, it meant I got to meet a dog who came to swim beside me. So, things got even better than before. ☀️👋🏻👕

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