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Nothing (&) much

Today, I was reminded about creating for fun. Just, for fun. I didn't forget that creating for fun existed, but for periods of time, I think I forget the importance of it. I forget that it's okay to doodle, okay to let your mind wander without destination or purpose. What I remembered today, is that whenever we create without being driven by the need to communicate a meaning or purpose through the product, we instead give ourselves the space to feel meaning and purpose from within. That reminded me of many recent conversations I've heard about the range of reasoning that drives us toward different types of theatre. Shows that are filled with heavily challenging content are created to voice a message. But what about shows we just enjoy looking at, or just sort of gazing at, the same as we would an illustration. Today I needed a reminder that taking time to enjoy the pretty things of the world is also time well spent. In relation, taking time to create in a simple way is just as valuable– maybe even more so. When we create for fun, and just for fun– without feeling that we need to create to share and communicate in an outward way, we give ourselves the chance to make with no purpose and no need to be pretty or entertaining or meaningful. By throwing away the need for quality, I think we find we receive those things for ourselves. It also occurred to me how purely human it is to seek this kind of purpose, so creating just for fun is really an extremely distinctive and important part of what makes us human.

This little thought journey came from coming back to an old doodle. It's a picture with no real purpose, but it was a part of my day in a good way. I was able to change around some parts of an old doodle and as I went over the old parts, I was able to realize and welcome a lot of changes that have occurred since the first version was drawn. So– another very human thing. Even when we're trying quite hard to do something meaninglessly...we'll always find something to interpret and fill in the blanks 😊.


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