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Thank you to thank yous!

Feelin thankful for THANK YOUs!!!

Every time I move, I unpack my card wall first. It makes anywhere into a home. My card wall is a growing display of treasured words from treasured people. Seeing it instantly reminds me of everything I value– and that begins with everyone.

One of my favourites came from a mystery friend, just someone out in the world who noticed me when I fell asleep in the library (oooopz). This kind stranger then took the time to leave behind words that altered how I felt. That was two years ago now, but the confidence they sent my way has lasted every day since now that it’s taken a prominent place on my wall.

Cards have the ability to celebrate someone at their best, and remind someone who's feeling their worst that they are still the best inside. It’s sometimes so hard for us to notice our own progress and success. When we see it in others, and take the time to write it out, that encouragement becomes long-lasting. Being thankful, getting thanks, and giving thanks is part of such a wonderful circle of appreciation for all the effort humans go to while living life, trying new things and doing things for others. Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’m beyond thankful for you and for thanks itself!!

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