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The craft of sharing

This fabric has been lying around for a really really long time. I see it at the back of my closet every day…and now you can too! I finished the embroidery months ago, though I was too scared to make it into the jacket that I saw it as. Change means cutting apart something that you’ve worked hard on. As I finally start to cut into it, I thought I’d leave it’s old version here just in case the new form doesn't fit together as I hoped. Because…things are going to pieces over here!! But soon, those pieces will fit back together and make something new – most likely not perfectly…but, even though it’ll look different, no matter what, it’s all the same material that it’s always been. And with some work, it’ll be a jacket that, instead of being shoved away in the closet, can be worn about and keep me feelin’ cozy warm.

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