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Celebrating The Ace Lens Of Love

(Repost @the.ninth.path )

Glad for this sharing opportunity thanks to @officialwadebriggs ☺️☀️ These wonderful questions about challenging constraints have helped me think more clearly about how we build our accepting spaces.

Since opening up about my Ace perspective in an article 2 weeks ago (link in bio😁), I’ve heard from people who’ve been scared to come out as Ace and my article was able to help us connect and find some shared courage. Then also, I’ve encountered a few challenging and harsh responses from some people who hold deep misunderstandings about what Asexuality is. Both types of response show me just how important it is to keep sharing.

Being open about how I see love lets me celebrate all love can be. Sharing my Ace identity is a part of what makes me feel strong and connected. To me, my pride is a sign of a lot of hard work and I hope that by sharing that, maybe self-acceptance feels more accessible to you, no matter what point of confidence you’re working toward💓💓.

I feel so excited to be going into the new year finally feeling I can show you this part of me. 💓☀️💜

(And with this video, I am also bravely sharing that I am indeed continually confused about how to pronounce “diagnoses”.......”diagnosis-is-sees”😄⁉️#learning#growth🤣)

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