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clutter alongside clarity

this morning I’ve been walking taller than i have in a long time. I’ve been holding my head higher. Looking up, even though I’m carrying a heavy head that’s been stuck, dragging me down for a long time. But today, my feet met the ground with solid traction and the earth seemed to help me get just a liiiiittle further😌🌱. Air came into me without quavering and offered lasting energy instead of leaving in fear that’s become so normal, I’ve been forgetting it’s even there.

What’s the reason for standing tall today? I don’t think there is one. I know I’m still scared that hope will leave again. I still see each step could be the last before a standstill. My head is still heavy. But in this moment I hold that heaviness with me, letting clutter sit where it falls rather than clutching wildly for content that might replace the load with something lighter. Today, I can let all of this clutter exist alongside the clarity. The pain and hesitation, also a part of the strong steps forward. Steps that feel strong, not because I’m getting further, but simply because I’m here. Grateful to be breathing and looking out toward others doing the same. HEYY out there😃 Thanks for helping me feel strong, thanks for helping me know that today, I can have the power to show up with all of myself present, the good and bad. I’m really glad to be waving at you with hope in a hard time✨💛🌻☀️💫

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