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Feeling Open Before Lockdown, Round 2

This week has been a full-hearted whirlwind💓.

Looking toward tomorrow’s lockdown, I am holding hope from the feeling of sharing the story behind these words:

“There’s a room. A box.

Inside this box there’s a feeling running around.

It’s a feeling that sprints in and down and twists tight, but it’s also a feeling of what nothingness feels like. So it’s hard to know there’s a feeling there at all. I catch a hold of what it is. I’ve known its opposite now...So I think I finally understand what this is.

It’s a feeling that I think...I think people would try to sort it into the word, ‘lonely’.

A word that unravels.

It unwinds. It won’t fit in it’s box. It flutters out and escapes. It flaps its fearful wings through all you know. It roots within, becoming a part of all you know.

With this word as a key that I hold, I see it connect possibilities toward people.

From afar, I feel a part of it. The tug of community linking me back into existence.

Apart, but a part of a whole.

A feeling of wholeness that is indefinite. Whole, without needing to be complete.

When loneliness is voiced, it loses its hold. It moves through to being seen. And loneliness can’t turn our insides to isolation when it’s seen in a shared space of thinking and feeling together.”

I don’t yet have the full words for the gratitude I feel. It has brought such immense joy to know this phenomenal experience of collaboration after the strain of solo creation. My heart is beaming in thanks to you, @beyondwallstpm@magicalmudge@indritk@callmerewa@limpvvrist@nic.ej.bell@echoaroundtheworld@coleenshirin. Thanks for helping my ideas grow in the company of yours. Thanks for helping this story discover its visual voice 😌🌱

Thank you TPM, @tangled_arts@torontoartscouncil and @ontarioartscouncil for supporting this project.

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