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Finding energy when it feels like you're ”fighting the right battle, but in the wrong way”

Thank you to every person who climbs toward what they believe in.

These past few weeks have been asking people that I’m close to to battle for the right thing, even when there’s no energy left to do that. I’ve been seeing people fight when they’ve felt there’s no strength left to do so. I’ve seen people find momentum to re-start, even when they’ve felt they’ve tried all the times they could try. It prompted a really interesting conversation about what to do when you feel you’re ”fighting the right battle, but in the wrong way”. It can be heart-wrenching and energy-draining to feel that you don’t have what it takes for success. It takes hope and willingness to pursue action of any form and it’s frightening to feel that the required momentum is missing. So, while I’ve been seeking out reminders of what brings worth to the efforts of vulnerably fighting for change, I’ve been noticing what happens when I see others who speak up, try again, create, and believe in forgiveness. It made me more aware than usual of what I was specifically feeling grateful for.

I was able to see themes in the way I was saying thank you. I’ve realized that lately, the “thanks” I’ve heard myself saying have been for gifts of energy and inspiration. I’ve felt that happen through theatre as energy was shared between the stage and seats, I’ve felt it through writing that is brave enough to say what weakness feels like, and through extra extents of kindness that build possibilities for acceptance.

And often, It only takes really small things to share fuelling energy that changes another person's day.I bet YOU’VE gifted out energy yourself… So now that I’m aware of why I’m saying thank you, I’ll say it again and again. Thanks for spreading courage by showing your courage. It matters.🌱😌

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