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🎈🩹✨Got an injection of HOPE at my appointment with the future today!!!!!!!!

🎈🩹✨Got an injection of HOPE at my appointment with the future today!!!!!!!! ❣️🌎🌻After a year where the world has been wrenched apart, we look wearily down the long road that leads us back together. We ache to celebrate together, though what we carry within us sits heavily. What we carry makes us tired. As we all walked our versions of isolation this year, we picked up weight that we’ve had to carry, but can’t quite identify. We stopped trying to speak it, stopped attempting to name it.

We ache to celebrate together, and looking down this road that might join our paths, maybe we can look together. When we see with the reinforced strength of company, we can name how we feel, together. Everyone’s isolated paths looked different, but maybe they can be healed when that difference is held out. In shaky hands, we look to our neighbours and bring out what we’ve been clutching inside. We hold out these pieces of feelings that have been lying in unseen depths. The parts that crumbled deep within our lockdowns. The strange shapes of feelings that don’t match up to words we know. This year, each of us has known strain that has wrenched us apart. We come back together with power when we bring the delicate fragments of our inner lives, OUT, right along with us. We stumble through together, finding new paths that help us see what we didn’t know how to, alone. What felt so intimidating and unidentifiable, becomes seen.

We ache to celebrate togetherness. We ALL know what it is to hurt. Knowing that we all know, we can also all know what it is to look at each other with genuine care that is SO BRILLIANTLY, STAGGERINGLY STRONG, that it reminds us what it feels like to feel, together. Something that, maybe, we’ve never given ourselves the chance to know. Every moment of acknowledgment we share strengthens our ties. See you soon. And until then, I’m glad to see with you from a distance. Keep bringing the distance you feel to the surface. My heart aches with yours, and I celebrate your capacity to care. Thank YOU out there, for being you 💓

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