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Intermission Article: “Click The Link To Connect”

Thank you Intermission Magazine for the opportunity to share.💞

Excerpt below, and “Click The Link (here) To Connect” (to the full article) :-)

(...)We can call out through technology. We can call out through theatre. Both forms of communication allow us to share with the perceiver at a distance; both involve sharing with the expectation of instant perception and response, removed. We are already familiar with the theatrical fourth wall; I’d say our methods of sharing digitally have a similar separation.

And of course, there is the emerging option of combining them. In a real time, “in the moment,” real life way, we can create art that uses technology to break down barriers. With live digital art, we can respond in the moment, and both the ‘fourth walls’ of distance and response are overcome. Tech is very much two-sided, and encourages the audience, the perceiver, to add their perceptions to the overall effect of the art.

Two-way theatre is often thought of as the future of contemporary liveness. It allows us to highlight why we share stories in a living, present way; it is the response to presentational screen acting. Currently, tech is offering us two-way theatre in which art, artist, and audience are all a part of a whole. To zoom out even further, we know this whole experience is global. We are in the midst of a unique time, when every human on the planet is sharing an experience. It is an experience rife with fear and tragedy, and it calls for closeness. This shared feeling can make us feel together and create together and listen with greater focus to what is shared. In response to global isolation, I’ve noticed a shift as we lean towards genuine digital connection. (...Continued here)

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