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Isolation Day 12, Remembering to see the WONDER

How the entire world looks from the indoor view of Isolation, Day 12 ...☀️🌈✨ 🌈🌿💫!Currently feeling a big burst of appreciation for the people in my life– and honestly, by big burst I mean it. Picture, like... “dog waiting at the door” type of bursting energy over here. Ya, THAT sort. The endless love type of appreciation. This is a photo from a time that never seems quite real to me in memory, because it also felt difficult to feel grounded and connected while I lived it. This was taken when I was 15 and for over 7 months, I wasn’t around people all that much (let alone anyone close to my age). The eventual result was a deep reaching sense of WONDER for all humans. It’s a feeling that always gives me motivation because it reminds me of how beautiful it feels to be just a little starstruck by ALL people, and to feel excited about listening to their stories, and ideas. It’s a feeling that presents a dose of wonder for people who are just being genuinely themselves. It doesn’t take something out of the ordinary for people to feel special. Right now, with the entire world in a situation that is out of the ordinary, it seems pretty clear that any form of “normal” connection can be incredibly special. Hey to you out there, fellow isolators, I know all things “normal” seem far away right now. I hope you have moments where you can listen to absolutely whatever feels genuinely right for YOU❣️That’s powerful and I love you for it!!!

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