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Isolation Day 2: The 'singular' goal of protecting each other

I’m in love with the world for realizing that in this time of fear, we can choose to fight by globally focusing on the singular goal of protecting each other. I live alone, but in this moment, I’m feeling more united than ever before. 💓🌍💓

This is a photo from March 7th, the closing night of “Oh, What a Lovely War” (@hhtheatre) – a play that intertwined a digital existence with the devastation of WW1. As I look at this now, I think of a remark that an elderly audience member made during a talkback. They noted that it felt powerful to see young actors enlisting onstage because as their hopeful faces looked out, the audience knew what was coming for them up ahead in a future that is familiar history to us, but still unthinkable for the characters. In the new solemness that the world is feeling together, I’m thinking of how the digital avatars in this show reminded me of how valuable individuality is as a part of strengthening community as a whole. It feels very special to exist together with connection that holds power that is so extreme, it easily forges its way across no mans land and is felt from trench to trench as we shelter alone, together.

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