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Isolation Day 7: Reintroduced to what "trapped" can mean

Isolation and the idea of being trapped are big themes that have caused big panic for me in the past. Though this week, the world has been helping to reintroduce me to new versions of these words. I started this week very frightened about whether I could handle a situation that made me directly confront my fears alone. I was thinking inwardly– I thought that would be my only option. However, the shared energy of care and hope all around the world is palpable. From inside, we seem to all be thinking outwardly and thinking together. It has been helping me find that there can be new safety within words that I thought could only be associated with feeling unsafe. Every day I think about how special it is to be turning my fear of being ‘trapped in a space’ into a new experience where I am acknowledging the old experience and shifting my perspective on what the meaning of “trapped” can be.

In a time of distance, there is greater connection everywhere I look. Even when I’m inside alone, I can’t help but feel the rest of the world doing the same thing along with me, but with everyone doing so in their own unique ways and spaces. I hope every human is feeling the extra love in the face of fear. The extra love is most definitely out there and it’s absolutely strong enough to reach in to you wherever you happen to be sheltering, cocooning, hibernating or nesting. 💓🏡🏕🐣

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