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Isolation Day15: “Watch out for those cobbleypops, they’ll break your ankle”

“Watch out for those cobbleypops, they’ll break your ankle”!!

That was a kid Kate PSA phrase about the dangers of cobblestones (that I truly did say to anyone who would listen), and today it’s also a useful phrase to remind ourselves that tiny hazards can cause big effects when we don’t take proper precautions....🚰🧼🚪...I’ve been saying it a lot lately. Though, that’s also probably because I’m on Day 15 of isolation and now all my usually-filtered kid Kate phrases are being set freee!!

ALSO. Everyone should probably know Dhanish and I realized that this morning, from our isolation stations across the city, we simultaneously just happened to be thinking about the dangers of cobblestones. And I just think that’s the most random and beautifully strange #AloneTogether moment that ever there was. 💞😄🏡😄🏡💞

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