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Meeting fellow grant recipients at Theatre Passe Muraille

Thank you,Theatre Passe Muraille (@beyondwallstpm) for support that has made my heart feel strong enough to beat loudly and proudly.

Today I got to hear what TPM’s other grant recipients are working on and I feel extraordinarily honoured to sit amongst this group of passionate creators. Thanks Marjorie Chan (@magicalmudge) and Indrit Kasapi (@indritk) for caring about all stages of creating connection and for initiating a such a welcoming space. This was a space where we could share ideas that matter so intensely to us, that it makes the heart beat faster to both speak them and listen to them.

For me, it is incredibly meaningful to have votes of confidence from TPM and also from Tangled Arts + Disability (@tangled_arts).

Sending this story out into the world feels a bit like tucking my words into a carefully folded paper airplane and tossing it over a wall in the hopes it can reach someone. The process tugs at my core as I feel the fluttering of those words as they feebly try to find momentum up in the air. But it’s also an amazing process, because the words inside tell the story of times I’ve felt that barriers were too high to communicate what my heart needed. These grants are a powerful gift of connection and confidence. Thank you for helping me see a path of hope “beyond walls” 🛫💓😌💓

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