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muddling through our moves together📦❣️

Hello, so last week, moving became a thing that could happen aaand, OH HEY!! Well now, here I am sitting in my new HOME!!!!!!! That was backpack bundle #1. There have since been 15 more backpack bundles as I trundle along, moving at walking speed in this solo moving process. Picture 2 is my first day at my old place a year and a half ago😌. Sitting on an empty floor and looking around at where your life might fit is a pretty special moment and this particular floor sit has been...spectacular🔅. Uprooting has been a whirlwind. That handful of hope🗝🔑🌱 (in picture 3) was handed to me about 48 hours after the moving whirlwind in my head came out into the real world and helped me move out too 🚪🎒📦🐣

As my world got smaller again in midwinter, my life went into full personal lockdown as I lost my grasp. Speaking up again felt too hard to be worth the mistakes I knew I’d make in the process, and the fears I didn’t want to show. But oHhhHhh friends, I am so grateful for every second of generous encouragement and patience that helps link me into the world. I AM THRILLED about planting new roots to grow with thriving connection from my new treehouse....as it blooms into a treehome🌿❣️🏡 It’s a beautiful space that makes me excited to do this living thing alongside you all as I cheer you on as well.

I haven’t “solved” it. Even as I move away, I know I’m not navigating fully away from fear forever. But. I’m able to talk today, and celebrating the ability to feel confident pulling these letters together right now😌

So. I’m “back”. Still anxious. Still fearful....but also, still moving forward now with new understanding of how to connect when the world seems impossibly distant💬🚪❣️I’ve learnt versions of this before, but I couldn’t use that experience to teach myself out of this level.

I usually feel I have to wait until I can look put together about battling through struggles in a well managed way. But it doesn’t look like that. And thinking like that means we create our own barriers that block us from help IN moments of struggle. Thanks for people who give me the security to be insecure. It’s such a pleasure to be muddling through our moves together📦❣️ 🌱

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