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☁️❣️nesting🐦transplanting🌳re-rooooting🌱🗺😌 Happy Spring🐣!!

When you’re looking out from a view where hope cannot stay alive, and it looks like hope can never grow there, it takes someone else to remind you hope is possible. It takes help to find help. It takes tiny moments of care. Every kind word, every instance of sharing how you see and finding a new view together. It sends out the potential for growth, ready to latch into root and find strength. It’s messy and unpredictable, this growing thing. For me, when I feel I can’t find words or connect, it’s because it feels the world has grown too big and too far away for anything I say to be worth it. Maybe you’re feeling that too. For me, I needed reminders that it’s worth it to keep trying to connect. So. Here’s yours!!! Chats can bring the world back. It just takes tiny moments of looking out...together. And, to start, all ya need is whatever is in your head right NOW, even if it doesn’t feel like enough. This hope thing...it’s growing underground already for you!!! 🌠

Feeling INCREDIBLY grateful to everyone on my team who makes nesting possible. With the small steps of help that help make help helpful 😄, I am feeeling that community & family joy these days, keeping me strong on days when I can’t keep strong alone. (Swipe to see the definition of a tiiiny Bundle Of Joy, and one who I am very much counting as both community and family🥰)

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