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The music of "The Secret Garden"

Hi. I’ve been getting all emotional because of plants again. 🤣This is the FOURTH day in a row that I’ve fully teared up in public while walking through the city, and seeing proof of Spring fighting its way forward. Also responsible, is the inner soundtrack that instantly accompanies this.... even the thought of a few notes of music from the Secret Garden easily unlocks a whole garden of emotions that are deeply rooted within layers of years. It’s a grounding sort memory that makes freedom possible. AH😌. Keep believing in growth, my friends! As this season transitions, we all get to see things that were left neglected grow to find the care that they need to emerge with colour from the withered grey ground. I don’t cry easily....but the thought of THAT GROWTH will get me every gosh darn time🌱.

The Secret Garden is a story that has formed who I am. It has motivated energy from deep within me all my life and it has encouraged me to see hope when I’ve most needed it. This story sits with me every day in many forms. I’ve known all the music by heart since about age six. This music, and this story reaches from the roooots of who I am, and feeds strength all the way up to the tallest I can stand🌱☀️!!!!

In The Secret Garden, characters who had withered from neglect and who had been left to turn slightly wild, start caring for an abandoned garden. As seeds find life, they learn that, with care, living things will grow strong– Someone just has to believe in them. As they let in hope and light to the garden, they unlock the barriers between each other as well🚪🗝. Then everyone starts seeing each other and connecting and finding a new understanding of ‘family’ and it’s just a great time all around😎

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